Permission to Operate is our own self designed governance that outlines the requirement of successful and effective campaign management. We understand that in order to execute for our clients, we need to define set parameters and activities in line with the strategy of the campaign.

These variables provide a rulebook/playbook to be adhered to throughout a sales development campaign.

Our Permission to Operate is set out through 6 stages as shown below:


Your strategic overview

When beginning a campaign, there are internal and external considerations.

The roles of any personnel involved needs to be outlined as well as the addressable market. Channel objectives and a ‘lead to sale’ road map help clarify the processes to be carried out. Competitor analysis is also key at this stage.


Your campaign construction

After outlining your strategy, the campaign structure can begin to form. This includes clarifying your KPI’s, target profiles, outbound cadences, and feedback processes. 


The knowledge transfer

The sales development team at Pace act and communicate as the client we’re working with. Therefore full and detailed product/service training (inc value proposition and language) is required. Training may include elements such as key questions, objections & talk tracks.


Process Transfer

Profile alignment and communication method are key when executing the tactics of the campaign. Email addresses used, LinkedIn profile titles, phone lines etc, can all be important in the authenticity of the execution by the sales development team.

Understanding the quality and segmentation of data that is needed, is imperative.


Your campaign goes live

Sales time!

At this stage the campaign is tested, in line with the parameters set out. During the execution, the teams will engage in weekly reviews for updates and feedback. 


Your campaign review

Monthly campaign reviews allow us to evaluate successes, challenges and any changes needed to further optimise the activity.

This includes sales coaching and skills development of the sales team.

Sales prospecting consultancy services 

Transforming the sales prospectingindustry requires a combination of technological innovation, strategicthinking, and a customer-centric mindset.

Move your sales performance to another level

Transforming your outbound sales prospecting involves leveraging innovative approaches and technologies to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and prospect engagement.

By embracing our strategies and adapting to changing market dynamics, your businesses can enhance their prospecting efforts and achieve better results.

Our consultancy creates effective change

Creating an effective change in outbound prospecting for any business involves a systematic and well-planned approach

This proposition provides the core of our consultancy service approach and although granular and complex in its detail, focuses on two simple but key areas of consideration:

Productivity and culture

We measure and benchmark productivity

Productivity is of paramount importance in outbound prospecting. Ultimately, strong productivity in outbound prospecting leads to a more efficient, effective, and profitable sales process.

By embracing productivity-enhancing strategies, your business can achieve higher lead generation, conversion rates, and revenue growth while maintaining a motivated and focused sales team.

We measure and benchmark culture

The role of culture in outbound prospecting is significant as it shapes the way your sales team interacts with potential clients, represents your brand, and influences the overall effectiveness of your prospecting efforts.

Culture plays a crucial role in shaping the mindset, behaviour, and approach of your sales team in outbound prospecting. It directly influences the quality of prospect interactions, the perception of your brand, and the overall success of your prospecting efforts.

What our assessments deliver

Advanced insights

We deliver assessments as a fundamental part of our role in providing valuable insights, recommendations, and solutions to our clients.

The assessments are a crucial step in our consulting process as it enables us to diagnose, analyse, and tailor solutions to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. They serve as the foundation for all our successful engagements and the delivery of effective, evidence-based recommendations.

With a clear focus on productivity and culture - the aim of our insights is to ensure that our client is equipped with the right resources, skills, and support to perform effectively, resulting in improved prospecting outcomes and overall business success  

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